We currently provide the following services to meet organization and team needs:

You tell us where you want to go, and we take you there. At the end of each two-week cycle, we deliver incremental deliverables building layer upon layer of product development and project results. We listen to your feedback and adjust if needed, so together we can achieve your business goals. We work hand in hand with you to develop the learning culture of deliberate experimentation, reflection, and incremental improvement. The result is internal adaptability and a culture where Agile practices thrive. Your teams “keep the change” even after we are gone.

We inspire your organization by beginning with the end in mind. Our training sessions, workshops and lunch and learn provides your leadership, executives, managers, and individual contributors with the capability to achieve successful transformation.

However, we are accountable for your success and we empower you to do your part. We create a baseline for you to do a SWOT analysis on your organization with concrete inputs from your quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Engagement, Mastery, Purpose and Self direction is key to the truly Agile organization. The Agile process evolves, and yields results when we get everyone on board.  Therefore, we provide a training system to build and maintain good agile skills across organizational teams.

We recommend certifications that add value to your team, but our specialty is crafting trainings specifically for team skillsets unique to your organizational needs.

We are here to help you sharpen those team skills with our extensive catalog of agile, technical, and leadership workshops.

At the beginning of our process we conduct complimentary sessions with your business representative to do initial discovery and assessments of your most valuable business needs. This way you begin to see business results and impact on your investments from commencement. We want to know your people, process, product, and performance goals to effectively customize services best suited for your organization culture and industry.